• This month, we welcome one of our regular exhibitors back to the Gallery: Kathleen Bentley.

    In the artist's words:


    I hadn’t painted little since leaving high school. When I retired to Ulverstone from Kalgoorlie with my husband Max, I felt compelled to paint the richness of the land and sea scapes, and the old buildings of Tasmania all of which I love.   I have now been painting for just over five years and while I am largely self-taught, I have enjoyed joining workshops organised by June Wilson, Latrobe pastel artist, and Evelyn Antonysen, Forth watercolour artist.

    In 2014 I completed Certificate IV in Visual Arts at Devonport TAFE.

    I initially painted with oils and acrylics but then I tried pastels – and I was hooked! My larger land and sea scapes are painted on pastel paper with soft pastels, but I discovered velour about 18 months ago and use both pastels and pastel pencils to paint native and domestic animals.  I thoroughly enjoy the medium of velour, it is especially good for creating animals with character.

    I have regularly exhibited at ArtTex Ulverstone Rotary, Sheffield’s Gallery Tasmania, Ulverstone’s Gawler Gallery, Latrobe Art & Photography, North West Regional Art Exhibition at Devonport, Mansell TasArt Exhibition at Burnie and Wilmot Art exhibitions, as well as the Sheffield’s Working Art Space, Devonport Gallery and the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Art Prize in Western Australia

    My first solo exhibition in 2014 was at the ArtsCape Gallery in Wynyard and I have continued to exhibit at ArtsCape during subsequent years. I have also had solo exhibitions at the Ulverstone Visitor’s Centre, Gawler Gallery in Ulverstone, Sheffield Working Art Space, Sheffield Gallery Tasmania and Burnie’s 2eleven Gallery.

    In 2014 I won First Prize in the Pastel Division of the inaugural Somerset Arts Festival and again, in 2016, I won first prize in the Pastel Division of the Somerset Arts Festival.  In 2017 I won the Major Award in the North West Regional Art Exhibition.

    I am humbled by the interest shown in my art and gratified that so many people love and buy my paintings.  I have a variety of paintings in private collections throughout Europe and the Americas, as well as most Australian states and territories.

    I take commissions for both domestic pets and Tasmanian wildlife.


    Come in and view these paintings on display in the main Gallery during the month of May.   Kathleen will be available for a "Meet the Artist" session on Saturday May 11th at 2-4pm.  All welcome!


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    • quoll
    • Relic of Bygone Days





  • Don't miss April's exhibition featuring local well-known artist Patricia Kirkcaldy.   Her stunning artwork include pieces painted with chocolate, coffee or vegemite! There are also mugs for sale featuring Patricia's beautiful work.

    About the artist:

    Born in Tasmania's North West Patricia Kirkcaldi was painting from a very early age. Patricia enjoys painting both realistic and abstract subjects, working with pastels, watercolours, oils, acrylics, ink and even coffee! Her coffee art always attracts a lot of attention and was quickly acquired in previous exhibitions.


    Hurry in to see this one, pieces were already sold on the first day! Free to view for the entire month of April.  Patricia will also be available for a "Meet the Artist" on the 14th April in the Gallery at 2pm.


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  • We are very proud to be showcasing a young up and coming artist this month: Aimee Rowland.

    In her own words:

    "Painting has always been an escape for me, when I needed to escape from the world, I was able to lose myself in a drawing or painting for hours. At times this is all that I had. I had art to help me out of a hole which I had sunk into, it was never easy, even with art but, I am here today, I am how I am because of my art, it has helped me to get through so much, fighting with depression my art work has been able to help me to communicate – with myself and with those around me. It has helped me to tell my story. Today my art work can help me in a similar way. There are times that I do need to escape, we all do from time to time. But now I paint the soul, not so much the darkness.  

    I paint how I feel, and you can see that in my paintings, I fell in love with abstract because I needed to keep myself busy, and the brushes were there for me. The thing I truly love about abstract art is that everyone will see something different, you can look deep into abstract and its no longer a painting anymore, it is a life, a story and you may not see what the person next to you sees, however; you see what you need to be seeing. And I love that art can do that.

    Capture the soul is a series of pieces about growth and the beauty of the soul. Every painting of mine has a part of my own soul within it, there is a little piece of me in everything which I do. My collection of portraits and abstract pieces; capture the soul not just of mine but those that look into the paintings and see themselves. Each painting tells a story, whether it is the lines on the face or the sparkle in the eyes. You can see the soul within everyone, you can see the soul in yourself"


    Available to view in the Gallery for the entire month of February. 


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  • Tony has been an avid photographer most of his life and finds peace and tranquillity out and about in God’s creation.


    Combined with his passion for hiking, he finds himself lured by Tasmania’s cascading water, pencil pines and shades of green that stretch the imagination. Tony’sattraction to nature’s unexplored beauty has taken him to secluded off-the-track locations visited by the privileged few. 


    His aim is to capture the essence of these surroundings and share them with the majority who would not typically get the opportunity to see. He regards Tasmania as a treasure trove of unfathomable splendour waiting to be discovered.


    Tony’s choice photosare shared at low resolution on Facebook and he invites anyone wishing to join him on his photographic journey by asking to be friends at “the creator’s landscapes – anthonyrobertson”.


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  •  James McLean is an amazing visual artist, based in the central north of Tasmania. He creates hand-painted wooden cutouts of characters inspired by pop culture artifacts from an alternate universe, bursting with color and rendered in a bold graphic style inspired by comic book art. His characters display a fusion of the bizarre, the creepy, and the whimsical that reflects those aspects of the world that he is most preoccupied with.  Don't miss this amazing exhibition of art seen for the very first time in North West Tasmania.

    For further information or bookings contact Chris Puccetti at Gallery Tasmania based in the Fudge'n'Good Coffee building at 47 Main Street Sheffield (03 6491 1383).



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  • Stephanie Reeve

    15/07/2018 1:37:00 pm

    In July, Gallery Tasmania is hosting the work of a Sheffield local lady, Stephanie Reeve. 


    "Stephanie became interested in the art scene of Sheffield some six years ago. Her past career as a hairdresser has given her an understanding of the detail required in sketching what has developed into her graphite realism portraits. With some help from valuable mentors, Stephanie is largely, self-taught in the disciplines of formal art."



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  • John Moreland June 2018

    30/05/2018 6:32:54 pm

    John Moreland is originally from Ireland, with a childhood spent in England and Canada, his parents and family emigrated to Australia in the 1970's. Marrying in the early 1980's, his family lived in and around Brisbane Queensland.
    After he retired ten years ago, he came for a holiday to Tasmania to see if they liked the climate. In 2010 he made the move 'across the ditch' to North West Tasmania. It's been a good move.
    John has been interested in photography since he bought his first camera at age 8. Into his teens, twenties and thirties, he drifted between photography, lead lighting, woodwork, pottery, ballroom dancing and landscape design. At first he  mastered black and white photography and even developed his own images.
    Since coming to Tasmania, John has a renewed interested in photography. About 2 years ago he came across Splash photography on the internet. He thought it looked like fun and decided to give it a try. For the uninitiated, splash photography is all about how water droplets collide. Think about every time you turn on a tap or when it rains. Its happening all the time in our homes and in nature. It is the basis of John's amazing exhibition!
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  • “Through My Eyes”.   Photographic images by the late Danielle Psaltis

    ‘Dani’ was a young woman with extraordinary artistic talent. Her love for life and especially the Tasmanian wilderness was evident in everything she did. Her photography concentrated on nature’s beautiful details so often missed by ordinary people. Dani would see designs and shapes (love-hearts were her favorite) in mosses, pebbles and even, tree bark. She would capture these designs which often conveyed the way she was feeling. Sometimes she would combine elements from nature into an artistic montage.

    Her images make the viewer think about nature’s intricate beauty. It takes you to undiscovered wild places and mostly, it makes you feel good. Honest art can do that, and Dani was endowed with that rare vision. She loved creating her art and she was just getting started.

    In late 2017, the world lost Danielle Psaltis after a tragic accident in one of the wild places she so loved. Dani’s wonderful spirit lives on through her images and the dream of sharing her art in an exhibition will be fulfilled this May at Gallery Tasmania in Sheffield, Tasmania. More than sixty images will be on display throughout the month with all proceeds supporting Dani’s lovely, young daughter, Pepper.

    For details of Dani’s “Through My Eyes” exhibition contact Chris Puccetti at Gallery Tasmania on 03 6491 1383.



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  • Kelly Slater

    18/04/2018 7:00:26 pm


    Kelly Slater grew up in New Zealand and before coming to Tasmania lived in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. She has had a lifelong compulsion to photograph.

    Kelly is a photographer of People and Place, currently working as an event photographer in Northwest Tasmania, volunteering her skills at local heritage organisations and developing an art practice exploring human connection to Place.

    This collection of photographs was put together over three visits, to the takayna/Tarkine coastline between Temma Harbour and the Pieman River.  The first visit was as a participant in the artists collaborative Tarkine in Motion, supported by The Bob Brown Foundation. 

    Kelly was so moved by the stunning landforms and cultural landscapes showing thousands of years of Aboriginal occupation, that she felt compelled to keep going back, to try to capture and convey that sense of wonder that she experienced in takayna/Tarkine.

    To see more of Kelly’s work visit: www.reflectimaging.com

    Kelly will be at Gallery Tasmania for a Meet the Artist afternoon on  April 22nd from 2pm.




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  • Kathleen Bentley

    01/03/2018 1:12:19 pm

    This month, we are featuring the work of local artist Kathleen Bentley.

    In her own words:

    "I have been seriously painting for just over 4 years.  I have undertaken art classes with June Wilson, pastel artist of Latrobe, and Evelyn Antonysen, watercolour artist of Forth. I attended TAFE Devonport in 2014 to complete a Certificate IV in Visual Arts.    I love Tasmania: its beautiful landscapes and seascapes, and its quaint old buildings.  I try to capture the light as it plays across the land and the sea, and to bring a wistfulness to the buildings I paint.  I also enjoy the challenge of painting scenes of my overseas travels.   My painting of animals on velour with pastel pencils is perhaps my greatest joy.  I try to paint their personality in their faces, particularly through their eyes.  I have enjoyed, and shall continue to enjoy, taking commissions to paint cherished pets.   I hope my works of art bring you pleasure."


    Kathleen will be in the Gallery for a "Meet and Greet" on Saturday 3rd March 2018, 10am to 4pm.

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