Aimee Rowland - Capture the Soul

03/02/2019 1:49:00 pm

We are very proud to be showcasing a young up and coming artist this month: Aimee Rowland.

In her own words:

"Painting has always been an escape for me, when I needed to escape from the world, I was able to lose myself in a drawing or painting for hours. At times this is all that I had. I had art to help me out of a hole which I had sunk into, it was never easy, even with art but, I am here today, I am how I am because of my art, it has helped me to get through so much, fighting with depression my art work has been able to help me to communicate – with myself and with those around me. It has helped me to tell my story. Today my art work can help me in a similar way. There are times that I do need to escape, we all do from time to time. But now I paint the soul, not so much the darkness.  

I paint how I feel, and you can see that in my paintings, I fell in love with abstract because I needed to keep myself busy, and the brushes were there for me. The thing I truly love about abstract art is that everyone will see something different, you can look deep into abstract and its no longer a painting anymore, it is a life, a story and you may not see what the person next to you sees, however; you see what you need to be seeing. And I love that art can do that.

Capture the soul is a series of pieces about growth and the beauty of the soul. Every painting of mine has a part of my own soul within it, there is a little piece of me in everything which I do. My collection of portraits and abstract pieces; capture the soul not just of mine but those that look into the paintings and see themselves. Each painting tells a story, whether it is the lines on the face or the sparkle in the eyes. You can see the soul within everyone, you can see the soul in yourself"


Available to view in the Gallery for the entire month of February. 


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