Danielle Psaltis - "Through My Eyes"

04/05/2018 1:45:00 pm

“Through My Eyes”.   Photographic images by the late Danielle Psaltis

‘Dani’ was a young woman with extraordinary artistic talent. Her love for life and especially the Tasmanian wilderness was evident in everything she did. Her photography concentrated on nature’s beautiful details so often missed by ordinary people. Dani would see designs and shapes (love-hearts were her favorite) in mosses, pebbles and even, tree bark. She would capture these designs which often conveyed the way she was feeling. Sometimes she would combine elements from nature into an artistic montage.

Her images make the viewer think about nature’s intricate beauty. It takes you to undiscovered wild places and mostly, it makes you feel good. Honest art can do that, and Dani was endowed with that rare vision. She loved creating her art and she was just getting started.

In late 2017, the world lost Danielle Psaltis after a tragic accident in one of the wild places she so loved. Dani’s wonderful spirit lives on through her images and the dream of sharing her art in an exhibition will be fulfilled this May at Gallery Tasmania in Sheffield, Tasmania. More than sixty images will be on display throughout the month with all proceeds supporting Dani’s lovely, young daughter, Pepper.

For details of Dani’s “Through My Eyes” exhibition contact Chris Puccetti at Gallery Tasmania on 03 6491 1383.



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