02/09/2018 4:56:00 pm

Tony has been an avid photographer most of his life and finds peace and tranquillity out and about in God’s creation.


Combined with his passion for hiking, he finds himself lured by Tasmania’s cascading water, pencil pines and shades of green that stretch the imagination. Tony’sattraction to nature’s unexplored beauty has taken him to secluded off-the-track locations visited by the privileged few. 


His aim is to capture the essence of these surroundings and share them with the majority who would not typically get the opportunity to see. He regards Tasmania as a treasure trove of unfathomable splendour waiting to be discovered.


Tony’s choice photosare shared at low resolution on Facebook and he invites anyone wishing to join him on his photographic journey by asking to be friends at “the creator’s landscapes – anthonyrobertson”.


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